Encourage engagement. Happy customers. Better business.

Getting started with Looper's interactive SMS marketing.

Reach your customers while they are on-the-move! Send targeted text messages and promotions directly to your customers mobile phones anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re feeling generous and giving your customers 20% off  or you’re running a competition, you can  get the word out there with SMS.

Create more efficient & effective campaigns.

Not only is sending SMS instant and effective, but by delivering your messages direct to your customers handsets it’s also personal.

You can even use two-way text messaging to get faster responses to marketing messages - ideal for opt-in competitions or for sharing exclusive discount codes.

Give your customers the power to contact you instantly!

SMS marketing...the killer stats.

  • 64% think organisations should use SMS more than they currently do (SAP)
  • SMS produces 6 to 8 times higher engagement rates than email (Cellit)
  • 80% of consumers say their favourite brands haven't used SMS to promote to them.  (Hipcricket)
  • 81% prefer SMS to a mobile app for brand communications  (SAP)